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Custom Development Life Cycle

1. Initial Engagement
This initial engagement session is for Our Team to understand your Idea, what the pain-points are and how your proposed software will address them, while also giving their input and suggestions.

2. Effort Estimate & Quotation
Based on the initial engagement we will prepare you an effort estimate, quotation and timeline.

3. Development
Once we receive the go-ahead we begin development of a details System Spec Document, while simultaneously designing the back-end architecture if required.

4. Collaboration
We collaborate on the System Spec Document, and once this document is finalized and all parties in agreement with what needs to be build our highly skilled team gets to work.

5. Milestones
We engage at 3 pre-selected milestones, offering client feedback and approval at each checkpoint until the project is completed.

We offer a 24 month guarantee on our software. We offer software financing, with installment sales as well as SAAS pricing options available.
bugs or critical system design faults free of charge.